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Two Secret Drawers...

The flat casket is an affordable casket that trades small drawers for large useable spaces for your needlework items. Based on several a historic pieces, the tray is a direct measurement from a 17th century casket. Made of 55 pieces of clear pine wood, it has a total of two secret drawers! Richard Oedel of Fort Point Cabinetmakers and I have spent two years measuring original caskets to design this piece. All the hardware on the piece are made from original 17th century hardware that came off damaged embroidered caskets. They are cast in brass and then tinned to match the originals. The most elaborate reproduction materials is the lock and its associated hasp. Three caskets were sent through x-ray machines to get accurate measurements off the internal structure and then designed by me and made by Peter Ross, Historic Blacksmith. The prototype locks were then scaled by Anderson & Stauffer for the caskets and made in their English factory.

One of the subtle details about making a cabinet form to be covered with embroidery is the fine tuning of the tolerances. These caskets were wrapped in handmade laid paper put on with bookbinding adhesives and then fabrics were applied as well as impressed with bookbinding stamps. This adds thicknesses to the pieces and needs to be taken into account with every drawer, lid, and moveable piece. We have spent months fine tuning these tolerances by making multiple caskets and covering them to enable the historic linings and wrappings to be applied.

The casket and its features can be seen by following the pictures to see the drawers, secret drawers, trays, spaces, and sliding panels. The pictured example does not show the locks installed. The original model this was taken from had mirrors on the sides of the casket that the tray slid into. Others I have seen use padded sides, covered with silk and quilted. This piece has an extra 1/8" tolerance on all sides to enable the maker to install the mirrors or padded sides to make their piece ever so much luxurious looking.

Included with the wooden casket form pricing are the following, installed:

  • one tin plated brass escutcheons
  • two large tin plated brass lid hinges
  • one lid lock and hasp
  • four mirror brackets from tin plaited brass (not pictured)
  • a lock key
  • turned wood feet
  • all pins and screws are all tin plated for this project as well

There will be an optional extra up-charge for carved feet or gilt/silver carved feet (This can be added to your order, if desired, in a few months after final pricing is determined)

The casket will be shipped via a mutually acceptable shipper (UPS is preferred shipper). Options will be mailed to buyers a month before shipment, depending on their location. Caskets will be shipped after shipping invoice is paid and the last payment is made. Note that the caskets are being sold at a large discount to the students and thus the actual cost will be listed on the customs/insurance forms, so know your local customs regulations. If desired, I can ship to a USA address for collection.

A custom set of shipping boxes have been designed and fabricated by a nationally known packaging company to protect the casket on its travels. It will arrive with the feet separate and encased in a double wall box with shock absorption panels inside an exterior double wall container.

Caskets are manufactured in batches every six months, therefore: Caskets paid in full will be delivered in approximately six months. Caskets on the 12-month payment plan will be shipped after the 12th month. Caskets on the 18-month plan, after the 18th month and so on.

Cost to Cabinet of Curiosities Students:

  • Full Payment: $960

  • Payment Plan for Cabinet of Curiosities Students:

  • 12-month Option:
          $80/month for 12 months
  • 24-month Option:
          $40/month for 24 months

  • (Actual shipping cost billed at time of delivery)

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    Retail Cost:

    Cost to non-students:

  • Full Payment: $2160
  • Payment Plan:
  • $120/month
          for 18 months
    (Actual shipping cost billed at time of delivery)