The following issues are the top five problems we encounter:

1. Password problems

Step One:
The usernames are case sensitive. So enter the username exactly as it was sent to you. For example: to the web hosting provider that we're using, 'cwilson' and 'CWilson' are two separate usernames.

Step Two:
The passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the CAPS-LOCK is off before you type in your password.

Step Three:
If you've tried the first two steps and still can't get into the lessons, e-mail us for help and we can reset your password.

2. Bad link, missing a page/page won't download, etc

Occasionally, we make a typo when coding the pages or a PDFs uploaded to the server gets corrupted and it slips through quality control. Eh, it happens. If you click on a hyperlink and it goes to an incorrect page or pdf, or your web browser says "the page cannot be opened", then please e-mail us and let us know.

3. Can't see the latest lessons on the Lessons page

If you can't see the current lessons posted after the first of the month, it usually means that your web browser is loading an old page out of the cache on your computer instead of loading it fresh from the web server. To fix this, empty the cache on your web browser. However, the location for this function varies from browser to browser. For example, in Safari this option is found under the "Edit" menu. Consult your browser's "Help" feature to locate the "Empty Cache" option for your particular browser.

4. Web browser won't open the pages on the Web Links pages

The hyperlinks on the 'Web Links' pages are designed to open in a new web browser window. However, if they won't launch for you, check and see if your web browser has a pop-up blocker function that is turned on (many browsers do this by default). The following photo shows how you can find it in Safari.

5. Difficulty opening the PDF files

Step One:
Go to the Adobe website and make sure that you have the current version installed on your computer. For the current version, go here:

Step Two:
If the current version doesn't work, you can install previous versions here:

Step Three:
If you're still having trouble viewing PDFs through your web browser, Adobe has also put together a series of tips to help you: