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Tudor Rose Course: December 1st, 2013 - February 1st, 2014
Course Length: 3 months
Course Registration Deadline: November 30th, 2013
Course Commencement: December 1st, 2013

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    This class is now full.

This course is at once a good introduction to or practice project in stitching gold in the complex Tutor and Jacobean stitches through linen. The project will appeal to those who have taken the Tudor and Stuart Gold Master Class and are looking for an extension of their skills in another project. It also will allow those who are hesitant to start the larger class, but who are intrigued by the idea to try out the techniques and see if they enjoy them before launching into a larger course.

The Tutor Rose design is stitched with six gold work stitches where the metal thread is taken through the fabric in detached stitches. In this piece, silk threads are used to embellish the gold stitches or worked with them. I call these stitch combinations 'composite stitches' and they are found liberally on pieces of the period to add color and definition to heavily metallic worked designs. Animations of the stitches will be used to teach the course, a CD-ROM of the animations will be sent to the students at the end of the class to be used as a video archive for the student.

Size: Design Size Approx 2.5" x 6"

Kit Contents: 40 ct linen, #371 and #380 Gold and Silver Wyre, Japanese needle, Soie Perlee, needles, Soie 100/3, Gilt Bullion, Check and Purl, Silk Couching Thread, CD Rom of Animations