Size: 2" diameter

The kit for this Needlework Nibble is available in the Needlework Nibbles section of the Limited Edition & Museum Kits. This project uses silk wrapped purls in the three typical raised techniques used to fill in areas using silk purls. During the 17th century and into the early 18th century, figures such as flowers and bugs and tree canopies were filled with silk purls. This technique was fast to work and resulted in a splendid effect. It must have been a good balance of money for the materials and effect received for low embroidery skill as only couching and threading the purls on thread was required. The techniques on this bug include:
  • filling in an area (head) with couched purl,
  • creating a woven lattice effect with short lengths of purl, and
  • using loops to fill an area
34 ct. Legacy Linen, Indigo - gold brocade silk backing fabric, Anchor floss for twisted cord, one color of Soie Paris, gilt 1 1/2 twist, couching silk, five colors of silk wrapped purl, and a needle. Project Instructions
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader