Size: Fob is 2" wide x 2.5" long

The kit for this Needlework Nibble is available in the Needlework Nibbles section of the Limited Edition & Museum Kits. This project uses gilt sylke twist to form a cluster of detached buttonhole grapes perched on a leaf stitched in silver sylke twist. Grapes in the 17th century were stitched in contrasting colors or materials, seemingly to help define the shapes when viewed form afar. Because of this, the motif is a good means to sample a variety of colors of gilt sylke twist. Six colors of GST are included in the kit as well as a choice between silk thread for the leaf and an experimental run of silver sylke twist. Be one of the first to test out this cousin to gilt sylke twist and help us decide if it becomes a product line!

This project is designed to teach using gilt sylke twist for detached buttonhole stitch. Download the project instructions as well as the expanded stitch instructions. The fourth document is a primer on using gilt sylke twist.


Project Instructions

Detached Buttonhole Stitch

Reverse Chain Stitch

Gilt Sylke Twist primer

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader