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This fun paper project makes a small double casket that is 3 inches high and perfect for storing those pesky thread orts next to your sewing station. Print the pdf page out on cardstock and then color it if you like or just cut it out and assemble it with a bit of glue or double sided tape. Never has one of my Needlework Nibbles been so fast to make! This double casket represents just one of the nine full casket designs provided in the Online University course called Cabinet of Curiosities. The ladies around the sides and top represent the seven virtues, try to guess which one is which!

If you know other needlework friends who might enjoy making one, feel free to email or print for them. Maybe you have a guild event coming up and this would make a great party favor - go ahead and print them for the group.



Harmony with Nature Stumpwork Short Casket - Project Course

Five Senses Double Casket

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader