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Embroidered Casket Tour of England and Scotland
October 14 - October 24, 2015

The website for registration is: http://www.go-today.com/embroidery-tour.aspx

- You can register a pair who want to room together in one registration session - so if you are planning on that - one of you registers both with the proper NAME and ADDRESS and BIRTHDAY on your passports (don't need numbers now so you can skip the passport info) and pays the $400 deposit on one card. So coordinate so you have no time delay!

- There is a field asking the city you are leaving from. That is only to help them with travel arrangements for USA people. They can't book flights for international people. So just leave it as NYC if you are coming from a non-USA city.

- Currently a single person registering automatically gets put in as a single supplement. Just put "ROOMMATE NEEDED" into the Other Hotel Requests line and that will let us know you want to register at the $3990 rate. We will match people up and adjust your final bill accordingly. We have only a small number of single rooms, so roommates should be easy to find.

- As soon as the tour fills, there will be a way to put yourself on the wait list. Please do as we are holding back a few spots to help us with the roommate matching. In the last two tours, 3-4 people on the wait list were able to be booked later when circumstances made others have to stay home. So it pays to get on the list!

- If the wait list becomes too way too long to hopefully accommodate people through cancelations and long enough to make the minimum for a second tour, we will look into the feasibility of a encore in 1-2 years time and will use that list to contact people about interest.

Thistle Threads and Hanging by a Thread are leading a study tour of the UK in October, 2015. The tour starts in Edinburgh, Scotland with a tour of the caskets in the National Museum of Scotland followed by a visit to the casket storage of the Burrell Collection. Over the weekend, the tour group will stop at the Bowes Museum to visit a few pieces in their collection and rest before continuing on the drive to York. A low-key day will be spent in York before the Tour continues to the Lady Lever Galleries in Liverpool on Monday. From Liverpool, the group will drive to Oxford to explore the following museums in the next two days: Museum of Costume Bath, Holburn Museum, Whitney Antiques and a study day at the Ashmolean to see selections from the Feller Collection. We will end our tour with two days in London at the Clothworkers' Center, Hand and Lock, Windsor Castle and the storage rooms at the Museum of London.

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