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In 2006 Thistle Threads was asked to participate as an embroidery consultant to an extraordinary reproduction project at Plimoth Plantation. Unforeseen at the time of the project commencement, funding to pay for the costs of the project became limited and for the majority of the project, non-existent. To keep the project from becoming abandoned as it has great educational value to the needlework community, Thistle Threads came up with a series of fundraising products to raise the funds needed.

To date over $7,000 has been raised through sales of the embroidery/lace sample kits and gilt sylke twist to fund the bulk of the Plimoth Jacket Project ?A Paradise of Silk and Gold. Over $5,000 of additional donations from interested participants and the generous giving of over 4000 hours of time by the consultants and craftspeople have made this outstanding project a reality.

With the economic climate making museum operations tenuous at best, we have need of continual fundraising for the three institutions now involved in the project: Plimoth Plantation to support the finishing of the Jacket; Winterthur to support the exhibition of the Jacket; and a third institution in the Boston area who will provide the appropriate long-term storage for the Jacket once it has been displayed for several years. Keep checking back here for information on new products that are being launched to raise funds and for future links on direct donations to the institutions?fundraising efforts.

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