Size: 4-3/4 inches by 8-1/2 inches

Inspired by the fantastic professionally worked gloves of the Stuart era, this needlecase mimics a piece from a noble woman's wardrobe. The focus of the class is using a variety of metal threads brought from England which are rarely seen in contemporary embroidery. After examining the gloves of this time period, I have been amazed at the creative use of threads by the professional. During class we will both view close-up pictures of these historic pieces and then work similar techniques.

The 'glove' needlecase is a flat accessory which allows the embroidered cuff to be lifted and needlework tools to be inserted inside. The piece is only embroidered on one side with Au Ver a Soie silks and real metal threads such as lizardine, passings, purls, spangles, and Elizabethan twist. The edges of the cuff are embellished with double faced silk satin ribbon which has been edged with gold thread and spangles. Around the tabs of the cuff, gold lace is applied to finish off a spectacular appearance. While the effect and threads are magnificent, the entire piece will be worked using couching stitches and satin stitch so we may focus on the use of the new threads. The flowers are embroidered in silks and there are seven different types of metal threads on the piece to give a good sampling of interesting threads.

Kit Contents:
40ct linen with pre-traced design, Au Ver a Soie Soie Paris floss, gilt gold Lizardine, gilt pearl purl, gilt check, gilt bullion, 2% gold Elizbethan Twist, 2% gold spangles, Old Gold, 1-1/2 gilt twist, double sided silk satin ribbon, ultrasuede, die cut skirtex, batt, and acid-free mountboard, silk finishing fabric, and a CD Rom showing the embroidery and finishing in process.

Class Length:
1 Day Class