Size: 4.5 inch x 7 inch

The approximately 4.5 inch x 7 inch Memorial Photokeep features an embroidered weeping willow and flower garland over an urn on the front cover. Open the photokeep bi-fold and the inside contains a place to put a photo of a departed loved one, perhaps a favorite relative, friend, or pet, and an area to stitch a personalized saying. The project teaches a combination of embroidery and counted stitches using Au Ver a Soie Soie Paris filament silk on 40-count linen. The design of the photokeep is inspired by several silkwork mourning pictures in the Winterthur collection. Silk chenille, specially dyed for this project, is used to embroider the tree trunks and grass as was often done in the mid-nineteenth century.

The embroidery is framed by a black velvet ribbon and couched gold outline to emulate the painted glass which was often used to frame these silkwork pictures. A touch of gold is included in the picture as the vine of the garland. A button closure that is reminiscent of a piece of Victorian mourning jewelry is included.

Kit Contents:
The kit includes a CD-ROM with in-process photographs of the embroidery and finishing along with the 40 ct linen fabric premounted to scroll bars with the design transfer completed. Other kit contents include instructions, 40 ct. linens, silk threads, needles, hand-dyed silk chenille thread, metal threads, Mokuba velvet ribbon, victorian button, silk taffeta finishing fabric, and all other finishing materials needed to produce the photokeep.

A portion of each kit's proceeds goes to Winterthur.

Class Length:
1 Day class