Size: 4 inches x 6 inches

The "Memories" project is an embroidered photo memory keeper about 4" x 6" in size for 3" x 5" photos of your loved ones. The front and back cover are embroidered with a traditional house and hillock scene in various counted stitches. The borders of the piece are linked sprigs of flowers in multiple embroidery techniques. In between the front and back cover is an accordion folded set of red silk pockets for your photos and memories. The entire booklet, when closed, fits into a red silk travel bag that is quilted with the patterns taken from the outside of the vintage wallpaper box. The bag and booklet fit inside a handmade vintage wallpaper box with traditional green and red block prints which can also serve as additional photo storage. We will work on lining the box with red silk to match.

Kit Contents:
40 ct Lakeside linen (stretched on a roll frame, outlined, and pretraced for the student), a CD rom of the embroidery and finishing in process, instructions for embroidery and finishing, color xerox of the embroidery before finishing for reference, all silk taffeta for the lining and finishing, any trims/ribbons used in the project, batt, muslin, skirtex, and pellon. Box no longer available for classes.

Class Length:
1 Day Class